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                      Importer & Distributor of Electronic Components i.e. Capacitors (D.C. & A/C) , IGBTs , IPMs, MOSFETs, Semiconductors SCRs & Diodes Modules
Capacitors distributors
Capacitors distributors
Capacitor distributors
Capacitor distributors



Jaslav Exports Private Ltd. With Headquarters In New Delhi, India Established in 1991.

Importer & Distributor of Electronic Component with Specialization in POWER ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS i.e.
Electrolytic Capacitors DC ( Large Can Screw Terminals & Snap-in type)
Semiconductors ( SCRs / DIODEs & Modules )
IGBTs, IPMs, & MOSFETs etc.

& other Electronic devices Components from world Known Manufacturer’s :
Rescon-India, Naina Semiconductor - India, Infineon & eupec –Germany, Mitsubishi-Japan, Vishay-USA & Semikron-India & Germany

With 18 years of rich experience, We have our own professional salesmen and technicians team based on the fine quality service and support for customer’s enquiry. We help our customers reduce their costs on development and application by providing them appropriate solutions and thereby creating our co-development with the customers under mutual benefits.

Believe Jaslav Exports Private Ltd. , we’ll bring you satisfaction in
· The Best Quality,
· The Best Service,
· The Best technology support and
· The Best Competitive Prices for you

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